Who’d have guessed the Department of Naval Intelligence would be who worked with the mafia during WWII?

Well, it’s true.  What I’ve dug up is that the navy realized that a lot of Italian dock workers were former rum-runners for the mafia, and since Mussolini had a hard-on for bombing the Sicilian mafia and arresting them, he made himself into a big of an enemy to Cosa Nostra in the US, actually driving a lot of the Sicilians out of Italy and to the US to get away from him.  Due to that, and Cosa Nostra being considered THE most anti-fascist organization in the world, the then-ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) decided to strike a deal with Cosa Nostra.

Most information I’ve been able to find online, which isn’t much, only discusses a bit about Lucky Luciano’s involvement and his sentence commutation for his assistance to the US government.  Print sources not online indicate a good deal more than that, but I want something more definitive due to the overall lack of sources to cross-reference.

So I’ll be filing through here: DNI FOIA

Let’s see what I can get.

Would anyone know if we just made everything up for The War Years?  No.  Does it matter anyway?  Yes.

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