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This Thing of Ours is a complex 1930’s/1940’s historical series that weaves the dangers for women entangled in the mafia with the complexities of their various relationships and friendships, concluding with the impact of World War II on their lives and the lives of the Italian-Americans that they hold dear.

This series contains themes of mafia violence, abuse, sexual assault, prostitution, human trafficking, and murder. Many outdated customs and conventions of the 1930’s often removed from or modified in novels to reflect contemporary views are instead presented intact in this series. Comprehensive information can be found under the Content Warning. Reader discretion is advised.

Grace Anne Colby never imagined moving from the family farm to New York City in pursuit of a journalism career would land her in a brothel, caught between two rival mafia families. When she discovers one don trafficking children, she knows she must act, especially when she nearly shared the same fate.

The first in the This Thing of Ours series, Shattered Glass: The Starling blends the lines between crime thriller, drama, and romance, with a focus on representing the era of the 1930’s as it was.

Summer/Fall 2024
In editing.

After uncovering devastating secrets about her origins, Grace-Anne Colby is abducted, then forced to honor her marriage by a man she trusted to protect her. Life as the wife of a mafia don presents its challenges, but none more harrowing than the one given by her husband: Create life…or lose her own.

The second in the This Thing of Ours series, Shattered Glass: The Gilded Cage continues the 1930’s story of love and hate, truth and betrayal, where the meaning of family runs deeper than blood, and sometimes involves none.

Summer/Fall 2024
In writing.

The life of New York City’s most beautiful and desirable socialite comes with prestige, a line of suitors clamboring for her political connections, and all the privileges money can buy. But when Josephine Harrison discovers that the most expensive thing her father ever paid for was a blood tie to the mob, she learns that she and her missing best friend have much more in common than either of them could have known.

Treasured Wings: That Nestling introduces the origins of a woman determined to forge her own way in the world, no matter what it costs.

release TBD
Manuscripted, awaiting editing.

Grace-Anne Colby is only still alive because the deranged man who claimed her believes she’s carrying his long-wanted son. When help does not come soon enough to take her away from her nightmare, Grace must take matters into her own blood-stained hands. ‘Til death do them part…

Shattered Glass: Gossamer Wings is the final installment of Grace-Anne Colby’s story in the This Thing of Ours series. But the dangers of mafia life in 1930’s New York City won’t end any time soon for Grace and her most cherished friends.

The worst is yet to come….

release TBD
In writing.

Florence Baker’s nightly dreams of being a gangster’s girl are wildly exciting and full of dancing, games, and thrilling entertainment. After all, what risk could a mere waitress face by just dipping her toes into a mobster’s playground? But when the rakish cad in the gray Homburg hat invites her to join him for a night on the town, she quickly learns that the games are no fun when she’s the mouse and the alley cat is hungry for blood.

Kidding the Moon: Calling Card begins the story of how a quiet, unassuming life can turn into a deadly nightmare by blindy chasing a fantasy into the line of fire.

Treasured Wings: The Fledgling – release TBD

Kidding the Moon:Downfall – release TBD

Silver Wings: The Phoenix – release TBD

Kidding the Moon: Leap of Faith – release TBD

Scattered Ashes – release TBD

The War Years: In Infamy – release TBD

Silver Wings: The Warbird – release TBD

The War Years: Unconditional Surrender – release TBD

Consecrated: The Vincenzo Parisi Story – release TBD




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