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Noëlle Alexandria has been writing since early childhood, first spinning stories about mermaids and fairy-princesses, and now about mobsters and showgirls. When not writing, Noëlle can be found flying planes and traveling…with a laptop to write, of course. It is more than a passion to her. It is a way of life that will continue as long as there are stories to tell, and there will always, always be more stories to tell. Originally from California, she and her family now call Vancouver, Washington home.
Engineer by day and writer by night, Lisa Walls has always been a writer at heart with an unparalleled knack for bringing characters to life. Whether writing historical fiction or fantasy, her heart goes into every piece, as does a lot of research. Other interests include musicals—especially Hadestown, historical fashion, soccer, and kitties. She resides with her husband and their ball of cat-fluff near Boston, Massachusetts.



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