Purchases directly through us result in about 50% of the price of each book going to us instead of about 15% when ordering through the larger bookstores.  Please allow a few days for shipping as we ourselves package and ship these direct sales ourselves.  We also include some extra surprises sad swag as a thank you for your support!

If you would like to order larger quantities at a discount, such as for book clubs or to carry in other stores, please contact us directly.  Since we fund the print of the books we keep in stock and aren’t a large publishing house, we keep a smaller stock on hand.  Our competition, e.g. Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc., own the printers available to independent authors and small presses, and so they can ship a little faster since they prioritize the print of books bought through them, of course (they get about 85% that way), but our stock is printed on the exact same printing presses.  Plus your direct-through-us purchase helps support small-time authors.


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