The Editors

As an avid daydreamer since childhood, developmental editor Taylor Barthule has spent most of her life losing herself in the clutches of fictional stories. Despite all the time she’d spent in high school crying to her AP Literature teacher over her inability to put abstract thought onto paper, she eventually found her footing, using the knowledge she’d gained from those tumultuous years to bring her words to life. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Taylor thoroughly enjoys all things vintage glamour (especially from the 1930’s), and she has an unhealthy obsession with her kitties, Dasha and Ellie.
Thanks her encyclopedia-salesman father, proof editor and Missouri-native Jennifer Long was fortunate enough to always have an extra set of encyclopedias laying around the house. She craved the the knowledge that can be gained from reading non-fiction. She also thirsted for the places, characters, and lives you can live by reading fiction. She fell in love with the action and mystery in the This Thing of Ours series, which perfectly weaves her love for both sides of the written word. In many ways, she has become a rock of this series.
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