Murder Warnings for Shattered Glass: The Starling:

142: Mobster Riccardo Rossetti revealed that undercover officer Jack Brown was murdered.

197-201: Vincenzo Parisi, Gino Ricci, and an associate named Hiram torture Riccardo Rossetti to try to find out why he didn’t kill Grace Colby when he had a chance, and to find out of his boss, Cesare Giordano, would recognize her if he saw her.  Rossetti assures them that Giordano would not, and then Parisi ends the torture by ending his life.

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Giordano takes Grace to an underground room with a pit where Luca and another made Grace doesn’t know are on their knees.  Giordano has found out who Luca is, and shoots the unknown man. He tells Grace she must shoot Luca and that she will die too if she doesn’t do it.  Luca has to instruct her on what to do and beg her to do it so that she would survive.  She closes her eyes, does it, and flees without seeing the aftermath.

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