Assault (Sexual) Warnings for Shattered Glass: The Starling:

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Cesare Giordano takes Grace Colby, who he believes to be called Anna Matthews to his home. Though Grace knew that bedding him would be part of the job when she agreed to it, the way in which he goes about it is rough, without care for her comfort, despite him knowing she was a virgin.  Notably, rather than finish in her, he has her fellate him. It will later be discovered that this is because he doesn’t want to risk her getting pregnant, as he rarely comes by “untouched” women, and he wants a son with her to be conceived within wedlock.

After their wedding, Giordano approaches Grace in her bedroom, rips her dress off, and for the first time, to her horror, finishes inside of her.  He tells her she will give him a son.  After he leaves her room, she tries to rinse herself out to prevent conception.

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