Warbird Adventure


23 July 2022, First time inside a B-25

Yesterday I went to the Erickson Collection to both see the inside of the B-25 (I think I’m gonna call her Fifi, due to having Fifinella on the side…that story will come later) and for the 99’s monthly meeting, which was a campout at the FBO since Erickson naturally has a connected airport.  Hard to have planes that get flown places without an airport.  For the aviation nerds, here’s into on Sierra-tree-tree (S33 in aviation-speak, and my god, I can’t say Sierra-tree-tree with a straight face…it’s Sierra-three-three to me): S33 on AirNav.

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21 July 2022, B-25 Bomber to Canada

I was going to separate this out into its own blog, then decided it really should be here in the main blog considering that we will use what I learn for at least two of the books in this series, one that we are currently referring to as The War Years 2 (or TWR2), and the second book, which has yet to have a tentative titled, that will be focused on the life of a character named Josephine.  I’m going to elaborate on her for a moment, and the setup, and then meander my way back to the topic at hand. No other posts under this tag should be so tangential.  The rest should be more focused on the plane itself.

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